Become a TLC Fundraiser!

We’re looking for 10 amazing supporters who want to help raise $1,000 to support TLC’s work by raising $100 each with a Facebook Fundraiser.

Ready to setup your Facebook Fundraiser in support of TLC and trans liberation?

How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser


Login to Facebook and visit Transgender Law Center’s Fundraisers Page

Click NEXT to continue.


Click “Create Fundraiser” or “+ Raise Money”
Image is a screengrab of TLC's Facebook Page with the buttons, "create fundraiser" and "raise money," circled in red.


In the new screen, confirm the fundraiser details and set your goal! Whether $100 or $1000, every dollar lifts up trans lives. 
Image is a screengrab of a Facebook Fundraiser being setup, which includes the fundraiser title, description, goal, and ending date.


Customize your fundraiser Title and Description, by sharing why trans liberation matters to you. We’ve also included some information about TLC to help out, too.
Image is a screengrab of a Facebook Fundraiser being set up, where the fundraiser's Title and Description can be edited.
Click NEXT, when done.


It’s time to ask for some love! 


  1. Message 10 friends who would be most likely to donate. Tell them why this is important to you & ask for support.
  2. Share on social posts and stories. And then do it again. And again. Not everyone will see the posts and others will appreciate the reminder.
  3. You’ll get a notification each time someone supports your campaign so you can thank them!

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t always share donor information with TLC, so tell your supporters to let TLC know they donated by emailing


Choose one of the #AliveThrivingFighting campiagn header images, and click NEXT.

Image is of a GIF that rotating three statements, each ending with a blank box signifying it's for you to answer. The statements include "I am alive because of," "I am thriving when," and "I am fighting for."



If you’re donating yourself, then be sure to check the box after you make your donation, “Allow Transgender Law Center to email me and share updates about their organization”, then hit “Done” to ensure TLC can thank you for your donation!

[id: screenshot of the screen described above]