Artwork by Wriply Bennet.

In just one week, our country experienced the hate-motivated massacres of Jewish elders in a synagogue and Black elders in a grocery store, attempted bombings of multiple critics of Trump, and the news that this administration is working to erase our very existence as trans, nonbinary, and intersex people. Last week was a devastating reminder of how much hatred many in this country hold for our communities simply because of who we are – and the power those people have to destroy lives.

But it’s a new month, and as our beloved friend and movement legend Miss Major says: we’re Still F***ing Here.

In this moment of extreme violence and loss, we must remember our strong history of resistance and resilience.

Transgender people are still here, still beautiful, still resisting and fighting. TLC is still here and still planning to sue anyone and everyone necessary to protect our communities.

We reached out to Miss Major to ask her for wisdom in this difficult moment, and we’re delighted to share her PSA.

We also asked her, and she kindly agreed, to let us use the hashtag #StillEffingHere to encourage other movement elders, leaders, and trans folks across the country to share videos of hope. So far, we have beautiful artwork from Wriply Bennet, and inspiring words from Jay TooleLaLa Zannell, and Cecilia Gentili – and we will be sharing more in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you for staying here, staying strong, and staying in the fight with us.