AIDSWatch is the largest, constituent-based national HIV advocacy event. While typically held in person in Washington, D.C., AIDSWatch 2020 was held virtually last year due to the pandemic. Member of our program Positively Trans, which centers trans people living with HIV, were invited to attend on scholarship. Their reactions are as follows.

On video are Jasmine Davis and Harmony Harris. Natalia Pabon had the following to add: AIDSWatch 2020 virtual conference was my first virtual meeting I attended. I was a little disappointed when it came to mobile devices was unsuccessful, but I did had the opportunity to get in after a few minutes. But for other meetings I was not able to get in, but I could see the meeting in a later time. When it came to the transgender community it was not much to learn but the actual research studies within the community-based organizations (CBO) versus health institutions based in California and found out that best result in adherence to care was in CBO and the one in South America in Peru when stimulants are used and sex among men who have sex with men and men who have sex with trans people, how they say still have no answer to why stimulant is heavily used among the population. I’m guessing it’s the nightlife and what they are endured by the hate and violence in the culture. I did not make any new connections but did engaged in conversation in chat, but I did like the how graphics were used and people I recognize from our transgender community. The overall experience was good to my experience and if i had the opportunity to attend again or be part of a panel that would bring much more experience to my work and interest of my knowledge. I would like to thank TLC in providing me with the tool and the chance to participate and learn from a global perspective.

In the fight for transgender and civil rights, Natalia Pabon is guided by her lived experience. Access to life-affirming health care is frequently denied to members of the transgender community, and Natalia fights for equitable access for one of the most underserved populations.

Harmony Harris is a transgender woman of the community, working within the community. She is a trans health coordinator at the Ruth Ellis Center. She acts as a liaison for the transgender women of color community and health care professionals, aiming to end stigma surrounding transgender women of color by being a role model and doing the work that is needed for all marginalized individuals. I believe that furthering my education will assist me in breaking barriers and opening up greater opportunities for other trans women.

Jasmine Davis became a member of the NHBS-TRANS team in December 2018. She has been working in the field of public health for almost 5 years. She is a member of the trans community and has been a trans advocate and leader in her community since 2010. She was a Prevention Specialist, Counselor and Outreach Coordinator at Brotherhood Inc. for 2 years before joining the NHBS-TRANS team at CrescentCare as a Research Associate and Prevention Specialist/Counselor. Jasmine has been a member of Positively Trans since 2017 and a Consultant/Program Assistant for the Positively Trans Program with the Transgender Law Center since March 2020. Jasmine has a strong voice of influence she works on multiple platforms to educate, empower and bring awareness while promoting positive solutions that contribute to the development of the TGNC community.