The Federal government is creating a broad-sweeping National Prevention Strategy as a part of healthcare reform’s renewed emphasis on preventing illness and disease. After meetings and input from the LGBT and many other communities, they’ve released a draft plan and are looking for more community input. Click here to read the draft report! While very LGBT friendly, there are two areas where the Transgender Law Center is concerned and needs your help…

  1. We need to tell them that reducing health disparities in the transgender community is critical! They want to “Eliminate health disparities experienced by populations” in the LG and B communities, but they left out the T!!!
  2. There are no Federal surveys that include questions about gender identity and expression and sexual orientation. This makes us INVISIBLE when it comes to applying for money to serve our communities. Tell the National Prevention Council that we need gender identity and expression AND sexual orientation questions in Federal and State surveys.

What can you do? We’ve got until Jan 18th to give feedback, and it will only take you 2 minutes to complete!

How can you comment? Click on the link to their online form (below) and you’ll see a web site with numbered boxes that you can type in.

In the box for question 1, type:  Include Gender Identity under SD2!

In the box for question 4, type: Collect LGBT data on all federal and state population surveys! Choosing to not collect data on our disparities helps perpetuate them.

Fill in your name and email and then press ‘submit!’ It’s really that easy! So CLICK HERE to make your comment and make a difference!