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Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP)

BLMP envisions a world where no one is forced to give up their homeland, where all Black LGBTQIA+ people are free and liberated. We build and center the power of Black LGBTQIA+ migrants to ensure the liberation of all Black people through community-building, political education, creating access to direct services, and organizing across borders. BLMP is an independent organization that is fiscally sponsored by Transgender Law Center.

Led by a directly impacted steering committee and staff and housed at the Transgender Law Center and, we build power, community, and knowledge in the U.S., while challenging the role the U.S. plays globally in creating the conditions that force us to leave our homes.

BLMP is providing cash assistance to Black LGBTQ+ migrants and first generation people dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Donate via the form to the right. For questions about donating to BLMP, please email

BLMP Programs

National Organizing: BLMP shapes and informs national efforts to resist enforcement, detention and deportations through work within criminal justice/immigrant rights movements.

Local Networks: BLMP engages hundreds of community members across the U.S., and has developed active local/regional networks—centered in Oakland, CA; New York City; the Upper Midwest (Twin Cities, Chicago, Detroit); Washington DC/DMV, and the South.

Deportation Defense: We directly engage with and support detained community members, organizing campaigns for their release and helping to connect them with local support when they are released.

Research: BLMP is transforming narratives through the inaugural Queer Black Migrant Survey, which is collecting qualitative and quantitative data on our community’s experiences.

Staff and Consultants

Aneiry Simonnaeh

Garifuna Committee Organizer

Deborah A

National Organizer

Jade Daniels

Communications Manager

Natt Offiah

Southern Regional Organizer Consultant

Ola Osaze


Oluchi Omeoga

Senior National Organizer

Rose Berry

Research Project Lead

Tiara Gendi

Fierce Freedom School Co-Coordinator

Steering Committee

September 24, 2021 – BLMP Del Rio Crisis Statement:

The violence that the U.S. government is enacting on Haitian migrants in Del Rio is
horrifying. Border patrol agents on horseback chasing vulnerable Black people echoes
the evils of slavery. There has never been a time in which the U.S. government has not
been intentionally brutalizing Black people, either within these borders or elsewhere
across the globe.

The images coming out of Del Rio are also highly reminiscent of George H.W. Bush-era
detention of thousands of Haitians at Guantanamo Bay, and the pain of these images
and experiences connect us through the generations. We must also remember all the
ways the U.S. government has and continues to exploit and destabilize Haiti, forcing
many to flee.

As we see all of this and more, we give space for the complex identities of those at Del
Rio, including those who ICE deported, who were detained, granted parole, and forced
across the border to Mexico. We uplift our LGBTQIA+ kin in those numbers. We give
space to all the complex identities and realities that they have.

There is a world possible where our people are safe within the borders we are from, and
one where we can migrate freely without harm. To get there, we must work to dismantle
all systems of oppression, fight the anti-Black U.S. imperialist machine, and support
Black migrants right now.

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