Disability Project

Housed at Transgender Law Center through a 2019 Soros Justice Fellowship, the Disability Project magnifies the leadership, collective power, and visibility of LGBTQ disabled/Deaf/ill constituents.

Led by a multi-racial, cross-class, cross-disability advisory board of transgender and gender nonconforming people, the Disability Project embeds disability, Deafness, and anti-ableism politics and expertise into LGBTQ movement work. The Project breaks isolation, grows connection, and builds leadership within trans disability/Deaf/chronically ill communities.

Sebastian Margaret launched the project as a 2019 Soros Justice Fellow.

Sebastian Margaret is an anti-ableism and disability community educator and capacity builder. A disabled TGNC, queer, raised in Yorkshire they are informed richly by white working-class racial justice values and by coming of age in the pushback to Thatcher’s Britain. Sebastian has been kept deliciously exhausted and hopeful parenting a pair of gorgeous kids, both of whom are now far taller than they, and is passionate about the validity and glory of imperfect body/minds and our right to body sovereignty. Sebastian works to highlight the exclusion, criminalization, exploitation and oppression experienced by disabled communities; particularly those living at the forefront of disposable. They have been working to insert and reveal disability justice values in multiple justice movements, while supporting multi-issue capacity and vibrancy in disability communities for decades. You can often find Sebastian inventing fictitious names for their service dog as an act of quiet resistance to everyday ableism, while clutching tight to a good cup ‘o tea.

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