TLC@SONG, formed in 2014, is a national collaboration based in Atlanta, GA. The collaboration joins the Transgender Law Center’s long history of legal, policy and trans-specific expertise with Southerners on New Ground’s well-respected southern base-building and organizing shop. TLC@SONG focuses on policy advocacy, legal work, public education and movement building.

In 2017, TLC@SONG conducted a tour of the South called the Jewel Box Revue along with a survey investigating the experiences and priorities of trans and gender nonconforming Southerners. The resulting Grapevine Report, released in early 2019, paints a stark picture of the challenges facing TGNC folks in the South, as well as the creativity, generosity, and resilience sustaining Southern trans communities.

We make the case that trans voices, needs, and leadership must be centered in HIV/AIDS response, and that HIV response is a key strategy for trans health and liberation.

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