Identity Documents

Many people are surprised to discover that there is no “one stop” process for getting a name and/or gender marker updated to match their gender identity.

This is because the agencies that issue identity documents or keep records of your identity have separate (but increasingly networked) systems and there is no central government agency which coordinates all of these databases. For each of these agencies and for every state, there is a different process and set of required documents a person needs to gather in order to update their name and gender information on record.

Tlc Resources


ID Please: Full Guide to Changing California and Federal Identity Documents

ID Please: Quick Guide to Changing Federal Identity Documents

Self-Filling Name/Gender Change Court Forms – California

Guide to Legally Changing Your Name and Gender While Incarcerated in CA

Other Resources


Movement Advancement Project (MAP) – State Identity Document Laws & Policies
MAP’s website provides an overview of state laws and policies governing name and gender change.

Trans Lifeline’s Name Change Guide for People with Criminal Records
This guide was created by Trans Lifeline Microgrants; it briefly overviews the restrictions in each state on name changes for people who are currently incarcerated and/or have a criminal record.

National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) – Identity Documents Center
NCTE has created a comprehensive state-by-state guide that provides information & resources on state name change laws, driver’s license & birth certificate gender change policies.

California Courts Self Help Center
Name Change/Name & Gender Change forms & instructions.

Trans Lifeline’s ID Change Library
Trans Lifeline’s Microgrants program has compiled a living library containing multiple tables, holding info ranging from Federal down to state-and county-specific info about name changes and gender marker changes on IDs.

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