A Guide to Screening LGBTQ Clients for Trafficking

Prior to jumping into this resource, it is important to recognize that what we have been taught about human trafficking through media, government, and other sources is only a small fraction of what human trafficking actually looks like. These images and articles often leave out LGBTQ people and regularly focus only on white cisgender survivors of trafficking into commercial sex. There have been many screening tools developed to identify trafficking victimization — however, most of the tools were not created with LGBTQ survivors in mind. This tool has been developed specifically to help support the identification of LGBTQ trafficking survivors who are forced and coerced into all forms of labor. However, it can also help identify trafficking victimization in other marginalized communities. This resource was developed by experts with extensive experience working with survivors of human trafficking.
Cover for the resource "A Guide to Screening LGBTQ Clients for Trafficking". There is a red and gold wavy design along the bottom edge.

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