Signs from protest at the North Carolina General Assembly, courtesy of SONG.

Signs from protest at the North Carolina General Assembly, courtesy of SONG.

Today, North Carolina legislators convened a special session and proposed a bill that they claim would repeal HB2, but which would in fact keep in place key parts of the law for six months. Transgender Law Center executive director Kris Hayashi released the following statement:

“Today, following months of public outcry, community mobilization, and economic backlash, the North Carolina legislature promised but failed to fully repeal their notorious law targeting transgender people and workers in the state. Instead of the straight-forward repeal they promised, they have proposed another terrible provision banning local towns and cities from setting policies to meet the needs of their communities for the next six months.

“This is politics at the expense of people’s safety and livelihoods. HB2 targets transgender people for harassment and discrimination on an unprecedented scale, and has already cost the state millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Communities across North Carolina continue to suffer because HB2 jeopardizes people’s safety and businesses’ ability to operate in the state. It is time for the legislature to stop playing games and enact a full, unconditional repeal of this destructive law.”

Join us in calling for the immediate, full repeal of HB2 by signing the petition here!


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