A Care Package from Transgender Law Center

Artwork by Glori Tuitt. You can follow her at @glorifice_ on Instagram and @glorituitt on Twitter.

The past few months have left you disheartened and fearful. The attack on Black lives has generated anger and frustration. We need a moment of stillness. Black trans folks, especially, deserve some peace. Just as Black resistance matters, Black rest matters, too. 

We invite you all to imagine yourself alongside someone you love. A family member, a partner, a fur-baby. Imagine yourself opening this care package, a rectangular box covered in glossy, tangerine-colored paper. You undo the gold bow, turn it upside down, and slowly peel off the paper. The box is a rich brown. The items inside gently move around as you set it upright again. When you open, the picture on top is of two Black trans femmes, sharing a breath together.  

We hope this care package nourishes you in the way that you need. By feeding ourselves, we feed our collective future.   

This care package is part of our Trans Agenda for Liberation, a community-led guide towards the future we deserve. Learn more here 

Centering: A Guided Meditation by Deesha Narichania 

This centering practice is rooted in the lineage of generative somaticsDeesha Narichania created this version especially for this care package to help us come home to our bodies.  

Artwork by Glori Tuitt. You can follow her at @glorifice_ on Instagram and @glorituitt on Twitter.

Layleen’s Bill (With Revisions) | We Have Never Asked Permission 

A poem by Benji Hart accompanied by artwork by Glori Tuitt, two Black trans artists. The poem and artwork is inspired by what a post-incarceration world might look or feel like. The poem honors Layleen Polanco-Xtravaganza, who died while jailed at Rikers Island. These artworks are a part of Forward Together’s Trans Day of Resilience Project. 

A photo of an apricot tree bathing in sunlight by Sebastian Margaret.

Ku Haaheo EE Kuu Hawai`I (feat. Na Leo Aloha Aina)  

A song by Hawaiian Māhū teacher, activist, and Mauna Kea protector Kumu Hina, alongside other protectors.   

Positively Trans: A Phoenix Named Beauty 

“In the ashes of my life, I am finding beauty.” Marcus and Charlene’s story is one of Black trans love. Marcus recorded this as part of our Positively Trans digital stories, which centers trans people living with HIV. 

Queer Trans Disability Persists 

A photo of an apricot tree bathing in sunlight by Sebastian Margaret, founder of the Disability Project housed at Transgender Law Center. 

A Movement Rooted in Joy 

A mix of global music by Ushka, featuring words from our Trans Agenda for Liberation video 


A short film by trans and queer filmmakers Jess X. Snow, Kit Yan, and Peter Pa. The film showcases four people who are protecting the land, waters, and mountain. 

Introduction to Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety 

A guided meditation by Lotus Dỗ, is a licensed mental health provider of Việt descent and trans experience. He specializes in working with complex trauma, substance dependence, and severe gender dysphoria. 

Artwork by Féi Hernandez. You can follow Féi at @fei.hernandez on Instagram.

An Offering | Divine Love is Our Birthright 

A poem by SA Smythe with accompanying artwork by Féi Hernandez. The works illustrate the limitless and otherworldly majesty of trans Black, Indigenous and people of color communities. These artworks are a part of Forward Together’s Trans Day of Resilience Project. 

7 – 15 – 13  

A music video by Star Amerasu. Star described her songwriting process of this piece as the following: “It’s really just about the idea of coming to this earth with a purpose, and feeling lost in that purpose and trying to remember why I’m alive and why I choose to live.” 

Artwork by Shea Coco. You can follow Shea at @misssheacoco on Instagram.

Positively Trans: Jazielle Noelle’s Story 

“Until I was able to love myself whole, I was nobody.” Jazielle Noelle is a member of our project Positively Trans, which centers trans people living with HIV.  

Touch Change 

This is a mix by Syrus Marcus Ware, who describes it as a 90s ravey jungle mix. Syrus has contributed greatly to the field of Black disability studies and disability arts in Turtle Island. 

Girls | Everyday Heroes 

A poem by Xoai Pham with accompanying artwork by Shea Coco. The poem honors trans femmes as everyday heroes, as people who have always been part of the nature, itself. These artworks are a part of Forward Together’s Trans Day of Resilience Project.

Artwork by Shea Coco. You can follow Shea at @misssheacoco on Instagram.

Guided Meditation for Deep Restorative Sleep 

By Lotus Do. 



Quilt of Remembrance 

This quilt honors trans people we’ve lost past and present. Names were contributed by community members. We will continue adding to this quilt.  Please note that several names are in the process of being added, such as Tony McDade, a Black trans man murdered by the police in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Artwork by Kah Yangni. You can follow Kah at @kahyangni on Instagram.

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