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The Trans Agenda for Liberation is a community-led guide towards the world we deserve. Trans people hold the knowledge, power, and joy to create a future where we can all not only survive but thrive. This agenda addresses the urgent political, legal, and social violence enacted against our communities, while channeling trans imagination to bring our boldest visions to life. The Trans Agenda grows out of the work that communities and individuals are already doing, and points toward work that still needs to be done.

The Trans Agenda centers the lives and voices of trans people of color, who have too often had to advance our collective liberation from the margins. Trans justice is migrant justice, disability justice, racial justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, and gender justice. An agenda for trans liberation is a blueprint for liberation for all.

We recognize the Trans Agenda as a living and loving document, ever evolving as we must to set all people free.

Black Trans Women and Black Trans Femmes Leading and Living Fiercely

Vision: Black trans women must be trusted to lead. Black trans feminine people hold the expertise and solutions to end violence in our communities. We hold the knowledge to create a world where Black trans feminine people have the freedom to thrive. We envision a world where Black trans folks have equitable access to health care, housing, bodily autonomy, and intergenerational connection.

Beloved Home

Vision: Trans people belong. We demand a movement that honors Native American, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Asian, Indigenous, Black, and migrant transgender, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, and two spirit peoples by centering their leadership. Indigenous or migrant, we understand that our relationship to this land that is our home is as important as our relationship to ourselves and each other. We demand a world where Indigenous cultural practices, land and body sovereignty are respected, where trans people are never forced to leave our homes, and where we have the freedom of movement to seek out our own belonging.

Intergenerational Connection and Lifelong Care

Vision: Our communities are only as strong as our relationships and care for trans people of every age. We envision a world where all trans people are affirmed from the moment of their birth and are empowered as their authentic selves at home, at school, and in public life. All trans people deserve a long and fulfilling life. We are building a movement that values the beauty of youth and elder wisdom, and understands that aging is nothing to be feared.

Defining Ourselves

Vision: Our bodies are our own. We demand a world where the health care we need is readily available, and where our bodies, HIV statuses, disabilities, and viral loads are no longer policed and criminalized. We envision a world where disabled, Deaf, sick, and Mad people are guaranteed complete self-determination and resources to live their fullest lives. We demand the freedom to define ourselves and our futures, free of nonconsensual procedures and gatekeeping.

Freedom To Thrive

Vision: Trans people deserve the freedom to thrive. We demand a world without cages. We envision a world where people in sex work economies have rights and protections, and where sex work is no longer used as a justification for violence and harm. We demand not only freedom, but active community support in building lives for ourselves and our families on our own terms.

As part of the Trans Agenda for Liberation, TLC has crafted a virtual care package to alleviate the pain and grief of our time. We deserve to be well. Our collective liberation relies on it. The care package includes music, guided meditations, artwork, and DJ mixes, showcasing the vast talent of our community. We hope it brings you the nourishment you need.

Artwork by Glori Tuitt. You can follow her at @glorifice_ on Instagram and @glorituitt on Twitter.


The Trans Agenda for Liberation is put forward by a national coalition of majority Black, indigenous, and migrant trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming leaders, working with Transgender Law Center, the largest transgender advocacy organization in the United States. We have challenged each other, supported each other’s work, and dreamed about how we can realize a future where we are all free. Together, we birthed a framework to understand the forces harming our communities, and how we can unite to bring forward something new.

Lead authors: Micky B and Ash Stephens of Transgender Law Center

National coalition membership has shifted over time, and has included: Dee Dee Chamblee, LaLa Zannell, LaSaia Wade, Umí Vera, Kiara St. James, Emmett Schelling, Cathy Kapua, Evonne Kaho, Janetta Johnson, Mattee Jim, Tamara Jean, Gabriel Foster, Agaiotupu Viena, Bamby Salcedo, Stefanie Rivera, AnaAndrea Molina, Jennicet Gutiérrez, Zahara Green, Tiara Gendi, Marin Watts, Andy Marra, Sasha Buchert, Isa Noyola, Ola Osaze, Chase Strangio, Gia Cordova, Yozantli Lagunas Guerrero, Sophia Kass, Oluchi Omeoga, Ash Stephens, Kayla Gore, Mariah Moore, and Shelby Chestnut.