COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
We’re offering a digital care package to our beloved community.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the federal government’s failed response, and public panic all harm trans people in uniquely stressful and isolating ways. The federal government has failed to address the severity of this moment or protect those already made vulnerable by systemic discrimination and violence, and while some states and counties try to mitigate the harm, others states like Idaho and Arizona use this as an opportunity to further a transphobic agenda.   

Rooted in the wisdom of trans elders and with the knowledge attained through our communitydriven projects, Transgender Law Center (TLC) held a weekly video call series on how trans people can support each other and advocate at a local, state, and federal level for the care, resources, and support they deserve. Please see the archives below.  

We will update this page with resources for trans people in this moment of pandemic.

Tlc Resources


Life Planning Documents for Transgender Communities

A Care Package from Transgender Law Center

Community Calls


What Gives Trans People Living with HIV Hope? 

A tenth TLC community conversation with Sophia Kass, Tori Cooper, Diana Oliva, and Achim Howard.  

Click here for the full transcript.

The Black Trans Leaders Showing the Way to Liberation

A ninth TLC community conversation with Kayla Gore, Ciora Thomas, Zahara Green, and Carson Graham. 

Click here for the full transcript.

Celebrating Pacific Islander and Asian American Wisdom

An eighth TLC community conversation with Kris Hayashi, Isyss Honnen, Emmett Schelling, and Cecilia Chung.

Click here for the full transcript.

Protect Trans Health: Our Bodies, Our Rights

A seventh TLC community conversation among Ash Stephens, Kayla Gore, and Milo Inglehart.

Click here for the full transcript.

An Offering of Hope from Trans and Queer Migrants

A sixth TLC community conversation among Alán Pelaez Lopez, Oluchi Omeoga, and Úmi Vera.

Click here for the full transcript.

Disabled: Not a Burden, Not Disposable

A fifth TLC community conversation between Syrus Marcus Ware and Eli Clare on resistance to ableism, anti-Black racism, misogyny, fatphobia, and classism

Click here for the full transcript.

Life Planning for Trans Communities

A fourth TLC community conversation with TLC’s legal team discussing how to prepare life planning documents for yourself and your loved ones

April 10, 2020

A Virtual Vigil to Hold Grief as a Community

A third TLC community conversation with Erica Woodland of the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

April 3rd, 2020


The Black Trans Femmes on the Frontlines of the Crisis

A second TLC community conversation with Tiara Gendi, LaSaia Wade, Micky B, Mariah Moore, and Janetta Johnson

March 27, 2020

The Big Picture

1st community call with Kris Hayashi, Bran Fenner, Deesha Narichaniam, and Xoai Pham

March 20, 2020

NOTE: We are working to provide captions and a transcript.