In this dangerous political climate for our communities, the fight for justice is as daunting as it is urgent. We know it can be absolutely discouraging (and overwhelming) to see the anti-trans attacks flooding our timelines. As intimidating as our world is becoming, we do have bright lights that illuminate the path forward toward justice: you!

Our volunteers are vital to the transformative work accomplished here at Transgender Law Center. Our Community Resistance Network does what it takes to keep transgender and gender nonconforming people alive, thriving, and fighting for liberation.  Some might say you need a degree or a bunch of money to truly make an impact, but we’re here to show you that there is another way to help: donate your time!

Volunteers make our work possible. By giving your time to organizations on the frontlines of trans rights you become a vital part of the solution.

What Does Community Resistance Look Like?

As a volunteer, you will process letters and calls from individuals in need, helping provide them with appropriate information, resources, and referrals. You’ll be the first line of contact between trans folks navigating systems of violence, and the resources they need to survive.

We can’t do this work without people who understand the importance of centering the needs of trans folks. People like Gina, who developed a process for collecting data and stories from incarcerated trans people that greatly expanded the scope and impact of our work. “I am proud to have met and spoken to people who have been written off by most of our society,” Gina said about her time volunteering with TLC. “I am proud to have listened to their stories and to have made a personal connection with them.”

As TLC’s work expands to address the overwhelming need expressed by our community, we are encouraged by our volunteers: people passionate about justice, dedicating their time, and increasing our capacity to fight so that we can win. We’ve worked with so many giving, talented folks who believe in our work, and we are so reinvigorated each time a volunteer joins our team.

Inspired by What’s Possible?

Volunteer with TLC’s Community Resistance Network and help improve conditions for TGNC people.

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